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    Congratulations to HB Rhame's students and staff! HB Rhame has earned the Palmetto Gold Award for academic achievement. HB Rhame also earned the Palmetto Silver Award for Closing the Achievement Gap. Congratulations Saints!

    Common Core Standards Information

    Go online to
    www.scfriendlystandards.org to see Family-Friendly Guides to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

    These documents provide guidance in English Language Arts and Math at each grade level. You can also talk with your child's teacher about how the CCSS are being implemented in the classroom and ask for suggestions on how you can reinforce learning at home.

    2014-2015 TEACHER OF THE YEAR
     Mr. Andy Shull

    2014-2015 Classified Employee of The Year

    Mrs. Deborah Wayburn

    2013-2014 TEACHER OF THE YEAR 
    Mrs. Mary-Jo Lounsberry

    2013-2014 Classified Employee of The Year

    Mrs. Sandra Reep




    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, September 18
    Early Release Day/Interims Issued

    From the Principal

    During the 2014-2015 school year, teamwork will maximize our impact on student learning and achievement.  We will work together to create a climate of excellence and positivity that fosters the best teaching and learning experiences that can be offered.  Throughout this school year, we will work together in the spirit of excellence to meet the needs of every student at H.B. Rhame Elementary School.

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