District Information

    District Mission Statement
    We are Richland One, a leader in transforming lives through education,empowering all students to achieve their potential and dreams.

    District's Vision
    Richland School District One, in collaboration with an engaged community is committed to ensuring each learner achieves his/her potential in a safe, caring, academically challenging and diverse learning environment that will develop productive citizens for a changing world.

    District Strategic Objective
    Students will reach their optimal literacy potential.
    Students will demonstrate the skills, attitude and character necessary to be successful, contributing citizens.
    Students will be life-long learners prepared to explore their interests and passions.

    District Strategies
    Strategy 1:  Ensure focus, consistency and alignment of our curriculum, instructional strategies and assessments.
    Strategy 2:  Ensure that our communications are honest, accurate, thorough and accessible to the public.
    Strategy 3:  Engage and involve parents in their children's education.
    Strategy 4:  Ensure that our faculty and staff have the skills and capacity to achieve our mission.
    Strategy 5:  Cultivate community, business, higher education and faith-based partnerships.
    Strategy 6:  Establish public policy in collaboration with our Board and community to support our mission.
    Strategy 7:  Identify and pursue a variety of funding opportunities to achieve our goals.
    Strategy 8:  Ensure that our facilities and infrastructure support and enhance student learning.

    District's Beliefs
    We believe that...

    • everyone learns
    • each person has immeasurable worth and needs to be valued
    • every person is responsible for his/her choices and actions
    • integrity governs our behavior
    • people are interdependent
    • change provides opportunity for growth
    • excellence is attainable

    News and Events

    District Accreditation Parent Survey

    In order to determine how Richland One is meeting its mission, parents are invited to participate in a survey.

    To complete the survey, go to


    Daily Announcements


    Congratulations to HB Rhame's students and staff! HB Rhame has earned the Palmetto Gold Award for academic achievement. HB Rhame also earned the Palmetto Silver Award for Closing the Achievement Gap. Congratulations Saints!


    Congratulations to Mr. Donald Sarazen! He earned the 2012 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Mr. Sarazen is a fifth grade math and science teacher at HB Rhame Elementary. Go to: http://goo.gl/rHWF7k.

    Common Core Standards Information

    Go online to
    www.scfriendlystandards.org to see Family-Friendly Guides to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

    These documents provide guidance in English Language Arts and Math at each grade level. You can also talk with your child's teacher about how the CCSS are being implemented in the classroom and ask for suggestions on how you can reinforce learning at home.

    2014-2015 TEACHER OF THE YEAR
     Mr. Andy Shull

    2014-2015 Classified Employee of The Year

    Mrs. Deborah Wayburn

    2013-2014 TEACHER OF THE YEAR 
    Mrs. Mary-Jo Lounsberry

    2013-2014 Classified Employee of The Year

    Mrs. Sandra Reep




    Upcoming Events

    Monday, August 18
    First Day for Students

    From the Principal

    Welcome to HB Rhame, Home of the Saints.
    Thank you for visiting our website!

    At HB Rhame, four principle ideas are used to guide the work and focus the efforts of our students, faculty and staff. We are:
    ·        Student-Centered
    ·        Learning-Focused
    ·        Data-Driven
    ·        Results-Oriented
    We recognize that our students are the heart of our school.  In working to properly address student needs, our students are offered a wide variety of services, programs and activities designed to support them in being successful both academically and socially. 
     We connect student learning and academic goals to all activities students engage in during the course of the school day.  We know that keeping our students focused and engaged in meaningful learning activities is the key to academic excellence and achievement.

    School/student performance data and overall results drive instructional practice and decisions. Data analysis, a comprehensive assessment system and Response to Intervention (RtI) are critical components used to monitor student progress and academic achievement.

    We invite you to visit our school to see Learning In Action!


    Parent Corner